A spring cruise ... TOMUR CAFE

"Spring" representing innovation represents the style, structure, dynamic form and concept of our brand. Our goal at "Tomur Cafe" is to open and live the nature, colors, pleasures, delicacies and even freshness that spring from you.

To make people feel the rumble, full of colors, feel in a fresh garden, feel all the beauties open, renewed and feel a space that will give them an emotion when starting this day. Drink a warm, intimate tea.

With coffee smells, the circulating air is entwined. Those wonderful desserts, you can feel the palate of the meals. That's exactly what we were trying to feel in the "bud". The venue opens up surprisingly enough that we have proved that our goal is to feel what we are aiming for. If you go to Ordu, you must stop by.

Grow it up in your life, open it if you want it to be colored. And your colors are your lives. With love ...